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Environetics was established in 1970 by Colin Sanders to produce customised electronic solutions in the areas of audio-visual, multi-media and sensor technology, where 'off-the-shelf ' equipment either failed to produce the desired effect or simply was not available. Environetics has designed and built custom electronic equipment for a variety of uses; concert lighting effects boards, visual effects for theatrical productions, multi-image controllers and electronic arts projects.
Today Environetics majors in multi-media control systems:
Lightstream Systems Automating water features, from indoor pools to outdoor municipal and leisure park spectaculars.
With the introduction of the Lightstream music processor, static pools and fountains can now be transformed into an orchestrated arrangement of pattern and light, producing multiple jet streams of dancing water-automatically.
Our computerised modules provide precise programming of water flow, thus allowing complex sequences of water events to be realised, from animated displays and water sculpture to fountain clocks and mazes.
Go interactive - control the water on demand with our Videobeam® and Playbeam® sensors.
Interplay Systems Providing innovative and interactive audio-visual elements within indoor softplay areas for children.
Throughout the U.K. and Europe our Message Maker soundstores activate and entertain young people all day, every day, in family pubs, supermarkets, high street stores, creches and adventure play areas - without fail!
From self- install units to complete lighting and sound installations - find them all in our catalogue.
Virosound Systems
Designing and installing themed sound environments for displays, exhibitions, theme pubs and leisure experiences.
Wherever there is a need for custom designed background sound themes reinforced with the elements of light, smoke, wind or water, we can deliver the professional systems to make it an unforgettable experience.